The Games Guild

A long time ago in the days of old,
To help keep boredom at bay when nights were cold,
Or to help keep ideal hands out of trouble,
So that the church would not rap your knuckle
We would entertain ourselves with some pastimes,
From early morning until their bedtime.

This guild will attempt to display,
Some entertainment in between the affray.
From peasants to our noble folk,
We’ll entertain you with games and maybe a joke
There are games of strategy and those for fun,
But only once the hard work has been done.

So come along to challenge our jester,
We promise you won’t upset her,
If you manage to beat her at nine men’s morris,
Well, she might pout and ignore us.
But we are sure she will giggle,
If you give your tongue a wiggle!!!

Represent life from the medieval children’s point of view. Again, a very popular guild for the public, we have recreated a number of games from medieval times for everyone to have a go at.

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